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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Academy mortgage gift letter

Instructions and Help about Academy mortgage gift letter

So I have the best job in the world I I get to help people I get to help people buy their first home their second home vacation home for their family I get to help people refinance which they're either going to save money or shorten their term to pay off their mortgages faster the most rewarding one that I had actually happened last year had a widow who had lost her husband and she had to sell their home because they couldn't afford it anymore and it was very nerve-racking here she's packing everything up and getting ready to sell the house and it was a domino meaning that she was selling the house in the morning and she was buying her new house in the afternoon and she called after the closing and she was a tearful call but it was it was a banking call because we really held her hand through the process this is something she never done before her husband took care of everything and it just made her feel that we care and that we we genuinely wanted to make this a smooth process for so that she didn't have to worry about is the finding its you going to go to thrill and I'll never forget that call there's a couple things that I do in the community I do participate in one of the housing fairs in Baltimore City which i think is great because it allows a lot of first-time home buyers who didn't think they could afford a home to be able to buy one with some of the city grant programs the most rewarding part is when you get that phone call from the settlement table or right after they call you up and they want to thank the Rosenblatt group and academy mortgage for getting them in their home so my name is Sam Rosen wladim with the Rosen black grip that academy mortgage in the mid-atlantic.


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